Q: What is Resolve and its social justice fellowship program?

Resolve is a non profit organization based in Hong Kong, founded in 2017. Resolve stands for Rights, Equality, Solidarity, Organization, Leadership, Voice and Empowerment (RESOLVE). Hong Kong is a vibrant and diverse place, but it is also the most unequal city in the developed world; many groups persist in a vicious cycle of disempowerment. These inequalities are the challenge we seek to address. Our mission is to empower a new generation of community leaders, particularly from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented groups and backgrounds, to be change-makers. We envision an inclusive Hong Kong where every voice has a say in its future and every person has the power to bring about positive change to their community. Our inaugural fellowship in 2018 was on racial equality and inclusion. The theme for the 2019 fellowship is on ending gender-based violence together. You can learn more about us at our website and by reading our 2018-2010 strategic plan.

Q: What does the fellowship include?

Based on feedback from last year’s fellowship, we’ve modified and revamped our program. This year, we will include eight 1-day group workshops on a monthly basis, five one-to-one mentoring in between each of these starting after the third workshop and individual work by the fellow to develop and take action on their own personal roadmap. The personal roadmap will focus on overcoming the fellow’s stated leadership challenge(s) so they can take their social justice work to  the next level. Each workshop will include guest speakers from different movements, sectors and backgrounds, mock exercises, discussions and sharing and self-care reflection. Each fellow will be paired up with a mentor to support their participation in the program and help them in their personal roadmapping. Social events will also be organized to ensure fellows have a chance to connect, learn and get inspired by their peers in the program and Resolve’s larger community of inaugural alumni, advisors and other mentors.

Q: What will fellows get out of and be able to bring to the program?

  • Professional biography telling your story and headshot that you can use for promotion of your work

  • Guidance and mentoring in addressing your top leadership challenge(s) through the creation of a personal roadmap to be implemented throughout the fellowship.

  • Capacity-building/training in leadership development, human rights education and campaigning skills.

  • Membership to a unique group of 20 emerging community leaders from different backgrounds in Hong Kong and peer-to-peer sharing with them.

  • Access to and insights from different NGO advocates, human rights experts and practitioners, lawyers, corporate trainers as well as Resolve inaugural alumni.

  • Participation and engagement in different community-outreach, awareness-raising, media and leadership development opportunities from different organizations and Resolve’s own events and activities.

  • A chance to help shape the future fellowships and access to a larger alumni network with further opportunities for ongoing support and development.

Q: What qualities do you want in the fellows?

Here are the core qualities our selection committee will be assessing when shortlisting the 20 fellows who will go through the 2019 fellowship program. We seek people who:

  • Are committed to end GBV in Hong Kong and want to take action.  

While it is not required for candidates to have had a direct working experience on the issue of GBV before, we seek people who have some understanding of what gender-based violence is and are certainly passionate about advancing gender equality. They are able to show some commitment to the cause and some meaningful impact of giving back to the community.

  • Show potential for social justice leadership but could use more support.  

We look for people who are talented and committed but who could benefit from inspiration, resources, know-how, a network and confidence to move from passion to greater action to advance and expand their social justice work. Resolve's fellowship is for those who feel ready to seize experiential learning opportunities to scale up the impact of their community work, whatever pathway that might be.  

  • Are interested  in personal growth and in being a role model for others

Social justice work, to be truly sustainable and authentic, rests on leaders who not only value integrity but also have a good understanding of their strengths and areas of improvement. This self-awareness allows us to be sustainable in the long run as leaders. For this reason, we look for people who show humility and are able to articulate challenges they face when leading change and working with others.

  • Come from very different walks of life and backgrounds.  

We look for people from different backgrounds, no matter their gender, whether they have been directly affected by gender-based violence or seek to be an ally in the movement for gender equality. We pay specific attention to people from disadvantaged and marginalized communities, and how the fellows complement each other as peers to bring diversity and representativeness to the cohort.

Q: Where will the fellowship take place?

To provide for a dynamic experience, the workshops will take place at different convenient locations in Hong Kong through our venue partners. We will confirm the venue locations with you before the workshops. The one-to-one mentoring sessions will be organized at places that are jointly decided by you and your mentor based on mutual convenience. Resolve could potentially make available private meeting space at its office for mentoring sessions, if needed, upon request and when the schedule allows it. Social gatherings will be carried out at different places in Hong Kong, including potentially in outdoor settings. Please let us know if you have specific requests or concerns related to the venue space by emailing us at

Q: What is the time commitment?

While the fellowship is an intensive and long-term program for people taking on community leadership, we have tailor-made it to take into account that our fellows often have multiple commitments and limited time. For these reasons, the group workshops take place on Sundays, once a month (from March to October 2019),  from 10 to 6 pm with a lunch break in between. Your mentoring with your mentor should take around 1 hour and sessions would ideally be scheduled in between workshops. Some reflection work will be assigned in between each workshop that would take a 1-2 hours per month. A minimum of 80% commitment to the program’s core activities is required (which equals to attendance to around 7 over the 8 workshops and 4 over the 5 mentoring sessions) to be able to receive the certificate of participation at the end of the fellowship.  The sequencing of the program is designed to take you along a journey and discover new insights about yourself and your work, so we do ask you to let us know if you think you will not be able to make a session in advance. That way, we we can help you and give you information that was covered. More than anything, we want people who will be committed from March to November 2019. It is not just about showing up, but also being active in participation on the day too.

Q: What will I be personally accountable for during the fellowship?

We want to make sure you have practical opportunities to apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge as well as to address your main leadership challenge(s). You will be the one - with the support and guidance of your mentor - to decide what are the concrete actions and/or projects that would allow you do to do so. You will set your own goalposts and benchmarks, but will be provided with a templates and tools to develop your own roadmap so you can work on overcoming your top leadership challenge(s) in a progressive and accompanied way. We will expect you to think about specific milestones and deliverables that will support your growth while remaining within your reach. Your mentor, our team and your peers will be supporting you in this process! Our expectation is that during the course of the fellowship, you would not just be doing reflections and planning, but taking specific actions based on this roadmap.

Q: I am not fluent in English. Can I still apply?

Yes, we do not expect you to be a native English speaker! The most important thing is that you just feel comfortable enough to communicate with  other people in English, as this is going to be the working language of the program. We will also make sure that the material used during workshops and distributed to you will be written in simple English. Speakers, facilitators and mentors (many are not native speakers either!) will also be briefed and use English that is accessible to all. The Resolve team will always be available at the workshops to help explain anything that is not understood.

Q: Will economic support be given to fellows?

The fellowship itself is free-of-charge to make it accessible for everyone. We also will provide fellows with a stipend, if needed, to cover the costs of transportation for all gatherings and meetings (with a limit of 60 HKD per round trip), including mentoring sessions (100 HKD for round trip and coffee for mentors and mentees). Food and beverage will also be covered during the group workshops and any other event that would last at least an half-day.

Q: Who is eligible to apply?

This program is not just for women and/or survivors of gender-based violence or minorities. We are committed to welcoming a diverse and representative group of fellows, and we encourage you to apply no matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, immigration status, disability status, religion or other characteristics. In addition to the qualities we look for mentioned above, we have the following required criteria to be eligible for the program:

  1. Be currently based in Hong Kong and planning to be in Hong Kong and available the whole duration of the fellowship from March to October 2019.

  2. Be available to attend one Sunday group workshop per month (tentative dates are indicated in the timeline on the first page) and one mentoring session per month from June to October 2019.

  3. Possess an English level that allows you to understand presentations given at a reasonable speaking pace, express your ideas in simple ways and feel comfortable speaking to other people in English.

  4. Be over the age of 18 years old at the start of the fellowship late March 2019.

Q: How do I apply?

Resolve will keep the call for applications open until January 30, 2019, which is the last day to apply for this cohort. Regardless of whether you have found out about the program because you were nominated by someone or you learned about the program directly yourself, all candidates are required to submit an application form to be considered for this cohort. Regardless of whether one has been nominated or not, all applications will be assessed the same way. To apply, you must fill out  this application online. If you have trouble with it or are not sure what to answer, contact us at

Q: What will happen after I apply?

After January 30, 2019, our selection committee will review the applications and shortlist 35 candidates for the next stage of the recruitment process, an interview in-person. This interview will take place around mid-February. A couple of people from our selections committee will ask the interviewee standard questions and should take around 30 minutes. We will offer a variety of time slots to schedule the interview at your convenience. The interview will allow Resolve to learn more about you, talk to you more about your needs and what you want to get from the program, and give you an opportunity to ask us any questions you also might have. All applicants, whether they were selected or not, will be contacted by the end of February 2019 to know whether their application has been successful or not. We will have a welcome dinner for the 20 final fellows on March 5 and initial work on the fellows’ public biographies and headshots will be done ahead of the start of the program scheduled for late March 2019. Even if you are not accepted, we hope to stay in touch with you for future opportunities and we encourage you to consider applying for future cohorts, which we do take into consideration!

Q: How do I know I am ready for the fellowship?

If you meet the eligibility criteria and match the qualities we look for, you might be ready to join the fellowship. Before applying, we also want you to reflect on your personal situation to determine whether your circumstances in this moment allow you to participate to the program without exposing yourself to emotional distress or vulnerabilities that may  prevent you from remaining engaged during the period of the fellowship. There is a public dimension to the fellowship, as our aim is to promote our fellows and our alumni’s good work to help them advance it. At the same time, we also put high emphasis on confidentiality and trust-building among the fellows. The program will foster opportunities for the fellows to get to know each other and a safe space for honest sharing, mutual respect and trust.

Q: Will Resolve support me after the fellowship ends?

By becoming a fellow, you become part of the Resolve family and may choose to opt in to be a part of our alumni network comprised of inspiring people from previous cohorts! In line with our mission to empower community emerging leaders for a more inclusive Hong Kong, our alumni will benefit a wide range of support that Resolve is planning to roll out and expand in the following years, including:

  • Access to information about external opportunities for engagement, consultations, further development or events of interest.

  • Guidance, coaching and access to opportunities through individualized and tailored support from  our team in a solutions-focused way and in a safe space

  • One-off seminars or training sessions that go into further detail on particular topics of interest (for example, fundraising, conflict resolution, public speaking, among others)

  • A competitive fund for alumni that they can apply to for personal development training, travel to access opportunities or small grants to pursue their own or joint initiatives

  • Access Resolve's thriving alumni network, to further peer education, relationships and support from other alumni and fellows

We are excited to be a part of your journey in social justice leadership and community work! Any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to receiving your application!