Ending Gender-Based Violence Together


One of the most common human rights violations around the world occurs behind the closed doors of our homes, in the corridors of our schools and offices and in the virtual spaces of social media. It is an epidemic that cuts across borders and manifests itself physically, sexually, psychologically and economically.

According to UN Women, globally, more than one in three women experiences gender-based violence. In UN Office on Drugs and Crime found that Hong Kong, along with Japan, has the world’s highest rate of female homicide victims, at 52.9%.  The health, financial and social costs of gender-based violence go beyond just those directly affected by it, causing insecurity and loss of productivity in communities.  

Gender-based violence is violence that occurs because of normative role expectations associated with gender. Those affected by it are overwhelmingly women and girls, but it can also occur among people of other genders, including men and boys. In Hong Kong, as much or even more than in other places, it has gone largely unaddressed because of a culture of silence, permissiveness and denial. Yet, Hongkongers have started raising their voices and - among them - some community leaders who strive for a more gender equal Hong Kong.

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What does the fellowship include?



Fellows will attend eight interactive and dynamic group workshops designed to gain clarity on what they want to change and better understanding of strategies to make that change happen.


Each fellow will be paired with an advocate or community mentor to help them make the most of the program and reflect on their individual projects to advance gender equality in Hong Kong.


By the end of the fellowship, each fellow will develop and take action on an personal roadmap to overcome their own leadership challenge(s) to take their social justice work to the next level   


Our 8 Inspirational Workshops


1 | Knowing ourselves


To work with others, we must first understand ourselves - how our life journey brought us to where we are today, what are our personality traits, strengths, challenges and motivators.

2 | Analyzing GBV


What is the state of GBV in Hong Kong, its root causes, and the legal and policy limits? How have others campaigned against it and how can we use human rights to advance the cause?

3 | Defining a vision


Social justice work has no easy wins. Before taking action, we must first plan what it is exactly that we want to change. Our aims should be realistic and strategic so that we can achieve them.

4 | Crafting your message


Influencing others is an art, requiring effective messaging and delivery. Communication has many different components so that we can speak so others want to listen to what we are saying.


5 | Making yourself heard


To amplify our message, we have a range of tools and tactics at our disposal - from community meetings, government consultations, legislative forums, the press and social media and more.

6 | Mobilizing resources


When we are working to build momentum, we often need more people and resources. How can we leverage what we already have and find the actors and means to get more to advance?

7 | Adapting your strategy


When things don’t work out the way we expect, we need to have a Plan B. Sometimes we need to compromise on our original vision and be willing to adapt and negotiate to find a solution.

8 | Leading for change


Let’s put it all together. What does social justice leadership look like in the context of our own personal roadmaps. How can we be accountable to ourselves and others along the way?






Christine Cheong 

2019 Fellowship Advisor, Mentoring and Facilitation

Mabel Au.png

Mabel Au

2019 Fellowship Advisor, Media & Campaign

Vincy Chan.png

Vincy Chan

2019 Fellowship Advisor, Fellows' Engagement

Mooly Wong Mei-Ching.png

Mooly Wong Mei-Ching

2019 Fellowship Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation

Puja Kapai.png

Puja Kapai

2019 Fellowship Advisor, Law & Policy



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