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Seven years ago, Circle faced family reorganization and now she has a new family with two daughters with different last names.

When Circle’s marriage ran into its first storm, she had no idea what to do. There was a lack of relevant public resources besides the library, where she read every available book about divorce. In the process of reorganizing her family, Circle was ‘crossing the river by feeling the stones’ until she met another young mother, who could not stop crying. She repeatedly whispered to Circle: "They don't let my three-year-old daughter see me..." Circle realised she wasn’t alone after all.

She shared her story with others stories of love and separation, and put them together and published the first book "a moments". Separation is painful, but you can find back your voice when you get it off your chest.

Later, she met more people with similar experiences, so she gathered their stories into the book "Two nests - Love from both" which featured the topic of divorced parents and co-parenting. She recorded the journey of the restoring process. Although there is no ending point of the healing , but we gain hope and power when our stories are deeply shared and listened. Circle believes that art can open a window into and promote discussion of social issues. She converted the book into a Readers’ Theatre Work which is the first of its kind and acted by divorced family members and professional actors. It attempts to spread the enamouring values behind “Child-focused Co-parenting”, so that the public can better understand the difficulties and struggles divorced families face.

Circle is convinced that for the sake of her children, she must become a pioneer in the eyes of the world and educate her children by example. Circle, a graduate of the Department of Cultural Studies at Lingnan University, has worked for the Anti-480 Anti-Sexual Violence Resource Center under the Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women. She is also a columnist on the parent-child online platform POPA Channel and has volunteered for "Slut Walk" Hong Kong. She strives for women's rights to personal security and has promoted gender education for more than a decade.

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Vivian McGrath, Mentor of Circle

Executive Producer / Author / Speaker