harmony yuen

Harmony grew up in a traditional Christian family and studied in a traditional all-girls Christian school. The school was very conservative and did not value practical sex education. She recalls a morning assembly in which she was taught “how to be a good wife”. Instead of focusing on factual knowledge, the school’s sex education lectures encouraged misogyny and homophobia.  

As time went by, Harmony began to realize that the previously mentioned lectures were representative of gender-based violence. Gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation etc. were not limited to what she was taught at school. Schools and society in general lack an open attitude when it comes to sexual education and gender consciousness, such as the lack of acknowledgement of transgender students in traditional single-sex schools. In the future, Harmony hopes to publish support kits for school teachers and social workers, which would facilitate their everyday support and emergency counselling for students facing gender-based violence.

Currently a student at the University of Hong Kong, Harmony has extensive curating and coordinating experience. She was a member of the TEDx HKU 2018 Committee, which organized an annual event bringing together speakers from a diversity of cultural and occupational backgrounds. Harmony was also the Academic Secretary of Society of Comparative Literature where she organized panels, forums, and exhibitions featuring various scholars and artists specializing in gender studies and taking active roles in the LGBTIQ+ community. Diversity is described by Harmony as something more than mere tokenism in the forms of slogans or governmental advertisements. Instead, diversity should be implemented by a diverse and inclusive society.

In her free time, Harmony likes to read and learn about a variety of topics. For stress relief, she enjoys running, particularly running long distances as this allows her to think and reflect. In 2019, Harmony hopes to compile young people’s gender experiences into articles, and publish them on online media platforms.

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Janice Chan, Mentor of Harmony

Counsellor/ CEO of Sons & Daughters HK