hina ALi

Third-generation Pakistani immigrant Hina was born and raised in Hong Kong, but at times felt unwelcome in her own city due to cultural differences. Rather than let that discourage her, Hina was inspired to work on cultural integration and diversity issues by pursuing social work.

Hina was a recipient of the Hong Kong Unison Scholarship for Ethnic Minorities, and was the first ethnic minority to receive a Bachelor’s in Social Work at the University of Hong Kong. She was previously a caseworker for asylum seekers and refugees at International Social Service. 

Prior to going into the social work field, some of her teachers discouraged her and advised her to look for something more stable as a science student. However, through years of voluntary work and experience in working with marginalized populations, Hina was adamant that clients need diverse social workers to handle culturally sensitive issues. She hopes to advocate for the needs of vulnerable groups and give them a voice through community work.

Hina is currently working on a publication about the experiences of Muslim women with other participants from the “Muslim Girls and Gender Justice” program that is funded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The group aspires to start a conversation about gender-based violence and gender issues in the Muslim community, which is all the more crucial as there are few female Muslim scholars or leaders in Hong Kong.

In the future, Hina is considering pursuing an overseas Masters in Social Work or Counselling in order to bring back skills and knowledge to Hong Kong and continue to work with ethnic minorities, women, asylum seekers and refugees.

In her free time, Hina enjoys reading self-help books, playing video games, listening to music, and playing the piano. 

Hina Mentor.jpg

Ada Yip, Mentor of Hina

Chief Empowerment Officer of Urban Spring