Johnson Chan

Music lover Johnson was born, raised and fully educated in Hong Kong. Now studying Law and Literary Studies at the University of Hong Kong, he hopes to use his education to fight for human rights and gender equality in Hong Kong. 

Growing up, Johnson found that he was different from his peers because his gender expression differs from social norms. He came to realize that he wasn’t the only one feeling alone, and wanted to let others know that it’s okay to just be yourself. One of the ways Johnson gets this message out is through his YouTube channel, where he uses music to connect with people about their vulnerabilities and to share happiness and positivity. Johnson also uses music as a medium for social justice, advocating for those human rights that are not protected by the law. 

Johnson is hopeful that Hong Kong will become more gender-equal and sees the potential for improvement. For example, Johnson thinks there would be more diversity that the city could become a place with more expertise in different fields if people were only judged by their work performance and experience instead of their biological sex. Even if he cannot change society immediately, Johnson wants to provoke thinking and awareness of social justice and social issues.

In the near future, Johnson looks forward to releasing songs and volunteering at  human rights NGO. Music takes up most of Johnson’s free time, from composing to producing songs and playing the piano.

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Joanna Bowers, Mentor of Johnson

Film Director and Producer