Julian Sun

Singapore-born and Taiwan-raised, Julian did not spend much time in Hong Kong until it was time to attend university. As a transman, Julian realises that Hong Kong is a place with very traditional values that are not so LGBTIQ+ -friendly, but Julian wants to change that for the better.

Julian is aware that transgender individuals face both self-criticism and negativity from others. Personally, Julian reached a low point in college because of years of self-denial and identity suppression caused by trying to follow his family’s expectations. He wants to bring hope to people going through similar hardship by teaching them that only they have autonomy over their body, and proving that you can balance your true self with your family’s expectations and set healthy boundaries.

Professionally, Julian works in the creative field as a commercial artist. His studio is very supportive - and because his work is related to communication and creativity, it complements his activism work well. Outside of work, Julian raises awareness of transgender issues in Hong Kong through media interviews, social media, and artwork. Someday, he hopes to further merge his professional and social justice work halves together.

The issue of gender-based violence (GBV)  is important to Julian because transgender people are disproportionately affected by GBV. In the future, Julian hopes to share more about being a transgender person in Asia. In particular, Julian wants to use his work experience to help bridge the gap between transgender individuals and their family, so they can feel less alone. Julian would also like to continue pursuing advocacy work because he wants to help plant positive seeds of change in the community for a more inclusive, safer future for everyone in Hong Kong. 

In Julian’s spare time, he draws short comics, spends time with his pet cat and fish, and enjoys moments with those closest to him.

Julien Mentor.jpg

Eman Villanueva, Mentor of Julian

Spokesperson at Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body (AMCB-IMA)