karen ng

Karen left Hong Kong and moved to the U.S. at a young age. After receiving her law degree  in the States in 2018, she decided to move back to Hong Kong and wants to play a part in making Hong Kong a more equitable place where all people feel safe and secure to pursue who they want to be.

Karen was an immigrant rights advocate and worked on issues related to housing and criminal justice reform in the U.S. She conducted community outreach and education, lobbied legislators, provided legal services, and organized protests.

Karen is currently a Case Manager at HELP for Domestic Workers where she provides support to migrant domestic workers (MDW). She wants to work at the intersection of international trade, international human rights, and labour rights, and is interested in how international trade is a factor behind the ubiquity of MDWs in Hong Kong.

Karen is also interested in gender identity and believes that there is more to gender than a binary, and that an ideal world would have no gender. She is very concerned about gender-based violence because she believes it limits people from being their full and true selves.  

Back in the States, Karen was also part of a social justice photography group that believed in the power of photography to empower and build community. Photography allows Karen to connect to a place in a different way and she wants to become more confident in her belonging in Hong Kong so that she can feel comfortable raising a camera once again.

Karen also enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar and bass.

Karen Mentor.jpg

Kylie Uebergang, Mentor of Karen

Co-Founder and former Executive Director of PathFinders