Kristine Chan

Native Hongkonger Kristine dreams of the rule of law in society and wishes that Hong Kong can become a freer and more equal city. She is the founder of aptly-named legal commentary online platform "Law Day Dream"  and an executive member of, an independent media platform. During the day, Kristine is a trainee solicitor at a law firm that focuses on human rights.

Inspired by the social movements in Hong Kong and frequent interactions with people of different backgrounds, Kristine discovered a passion to advocate for the many different communities that are in need, such as women and minority groups, and whose needs are often cast aside. 

As a lawyer-to-be, she sees how laws and society are insensitive to gender-based violence (GBV), including verbal abuse, harassment and domestic violence, and the gender-based obstacles in society, such as the wage ceiling and barriers to leadership roles. She believes that speaking up is crucial to improving GBV and fostering gender sensitivity and  hopes to do something to help the disadvantaged and let their voices be heard.

Kristine, who likes to travel when she is free, is also a diligent writer. She regularly publishes articles on constitutional rights and equality. In the future, Kristine hopes to continue to develop her professional skills, reaching out to more people through different activities to deepen her understanding of GBV.

Kristine Mentor.jpg

Linda To, Mentor of Kristine

Founder and Advisor of HER Fund