ming Chan

Raised in Hong Kong, Ming is a transgender person and started her gender transition  since 2017. For her, Hong Kong's support for transgender people has been grossly inadequate.

 As a student herself, Ming has observed that some courses or activities indicate that only a particular gender (male or female) is welcome. Furthermore, transgender persons in Hong Kong are not able to change the gender on their Hong Kong identity without getting the gender reassignment surgery, and filling in the gender column on forms becomes a dilemma of whether or not to fully expose one’s transgender identity.

Ming thinks she is very lucky and is well supported by family and friends. However, society's understanding of gender is still very binary and not everyone is as lucky as her. Many of her transgender friends have had to face gender-based violence and society does not care about their voices. Ming is keen to speak for transgender people, especially in the healthcare industry. She would like to improve the acceptance of transgender people in the community and to make more changes in the healthcare system.

In the past few years, Ming has been suffering from depression. In addition, she notes that some transgender people do not fully accept their identity and will tend to blame themselves. Coupled with the pressure of life, transgender people need more social support. Ming hopes to successfully complete her medical degree and become a family doctor or a psychiatrist, to be able to directly help transgender people or people with emotional problems.

Ming was a volunteer at the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Pride Parade. She is also currently a student representative of the Asian Professional Association of Transgender Health, and the HKLGBT Medical Society. On weekdays, Ming likes to participate in street photography and see the world through a different lens. She also enjoys a good cup of coffee while listening to music.

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Leontine Chuang , Mentor of Ming

Chief Executive Officer of American Club Foundation