shadda abdulghani

Recent secondary school graduate Shadda arrived in Hong Kong eight years ago with her entire family. She had seen Hong Kong on TV prior to arriving, but it was still a huge culture shock on arrival as it was so different from her home of Yemen.

Shadda volunteers at RUN, an organization that organizes sports events to empower vulnerable female refugees and asylum seekers. She helps with babysitting of newly arrived families so that the mothers can start studying English. Shadda also assists with teaching English and provides translation to Arabic during the classes. She is also an ambassador of RUN, and gives talks about how refugee children can navigate the educational system in Hong Kong and overcome its challenges. 

Shadda is currently studying Psychology online, and in August she plans to enroll in a university to study the subject formally. She believes a background in psychology will aid her understanding of the vulnerable individuals she wants to help, as well as of their problems and society’s problems. Eventually, she wants to become a human rights lawyer and fight for women’s rights in particular. 

Writing poetry about different issues such as gender and war keep Shadda occupied in her free time. She also enjoys outdoor and physical activities, such as swimming.

Shadda Mentor.jpg

Eni Lestari, Mentor of Shadda

Chairperson of International Migrants Alliance