stephanie teng

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Stephanie was educated through the local system until university, when she attended a women’s liberal arts college in Los Angeles, graduating with a major in Psychology and a minor in Art.

 Her photography practice began with black and white film photography. It was the first thing she had ever encountered in her life that made her forget the existence of time and she fell in love with it immediately. She sees photography as a metaphor for life - a constant ebb and flow between reframing realities and redefining perspectives. Black and white photography allows her to strip the world from its chaos, enabling the poetic shades of grey to reveal the essence of the human experience. She believes that photography has the power to evoke emotion and inspire a more empathetic world through storytelling.

Her most recent project - "A Body Of Work" - is an attempt to challenge the medium as a form of therapy. It explores the psychological impact of body image on women and aims to empower her subjects to see themselves in a new light. Stephanie's work is always inspired by her own experiences, which enables her to connect with her subjects from an honest and vulnerable place. She is also working on a more long-term photography project on sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

Stephanie is a member of Camel Assembly, an international community of creative female leaders. She has also developed and led photography workshops for migrant workers in Hong Kong for Lensational, a social enterprise that empowers women through photography.

Beyond her obsession with chasing light, Stephanie spends her free time playing music, practicing yoga and searching for cool hiding places on rooftops and in nature.

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Vivian Fung, Mentor of Stephanie

Project Director of WMA and The WYNG Foundation