suskihanna gurung (Suski)

Secondary school teacher Suski arrived in Hong Kong from Nepal when she was only eight years old. Her grandfather was a Gurkha soldier who was stationed in Hong Kong. As a Nepali, she felt like she had to try ten times harder than others to succeed and be accepted which has prompted her activism.

Suski is a recent graduate from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) . She was one of the first Nepalese to attend HKU. She wants to tell the stories of ethnic minorities, because they aren’t usually told or told in very limited ways. In school, Suski produced a documentary about the drug abuse problem pervading poor Nepalese Hong Kong youth in order to show that the youth need to be understood, not ostracized if we want to stop the cycle of abuse.

Suski is currently a teacher at an ethnic minority (EM) school. She made a conscious decision to teach at a school that caters to ethnic minorities, since most EM students may have never had an EM teacher or positive role model and she wants to be a role model she never had as a child. Suski wants to empower students to think beyond the academic classroom and promote personal development and character education.

Besides her work as a teacher, Suski is the content strategist and community director for The Wandering Voice, an organization that empowers and gives a voice to minorities. She has spoken in the Legislative Council and represented Hong Kong at the United Nations, where she discussed housing and racial profiling issues and the importance of Hong Kong, as an international and developed city, to set a better example for developing countries. Suski was awarded with UNISON scholarship and she is also featured in Diversity List: Youth to Watch by the Zubin Foundation in 2019.

Fighting against gender-based violence (GBV) is also important to Suski as she grew up in a traditional, patriarchal society, where toxic masculinity was prevalent and women she knew were facing domestic violence issues but were stuck due to social stigma. Spending her secondary school life working part-time within the service industry exposed her to the mistreatment of service workers legally and physically. She wants to educate people in her own community about GBV, gender issues and awareness of their rights.

In the future, she hopes to do more media projects and programs on social issues. She also looks forward to growing her knowledge in policy making, education practices and community organisation. In her spare time, Suski enjoys rapping in open mic events, travelling, reading and hiking.

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Zoher Abdoolcarim, Mentor of Suski

Director of Leap Limited, former Asia Editor of TIME