wing yick

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wing is a fan of wine and dining, scuba diving and meditation retreat. Wing took part in social movements after graduating from university and under the influence of feminist theology, was fond of examining various social taboos.  As a critical person, Wing asks a lot of questions, and with such a tendency she is labelled by the conventional Christian community as a rebellious outcast.

Wing regards critical thinking as the prerequisite for understanding social issues and knowing the world. Breaking through the boundary of moral doctrines, Wing started the "Love Has No Disability” task force with her fellow disabled friends in 2012 to study the relationship between disability and sex. Together they examined and advocated sex rights for people with disability  in Hong Kong. In the last few years, apart from conducting qualitative research on sex rights for local disabled people and feminism, Wing visited Japan, the Netherlands, Beijing and Taiwan to study the development of sex rights for the disabled, as well as joining Hand Angel in Taiwan as a volunteer. Her experience in overseas practices of disability and sex rights certainly enriches the local movement in liberating the disabled community.

Wing is particularly attached to a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., ”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” On top of her critical thoughts in response to social problems, Wing is eager to take actions to correct social injustice. She believes that sex rights of the disabled are human rights, and attempts to achieve sexual autonomy among disabled persons as a strategy for sexual liberation, in a bid to link up support groups for the disabled from different places, so as to promote the idea of liberation of sex rights for people with disability.

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Ajmal Samuel, Mentor of Wing

Chairman of Octo3 Group Holdings Ltd.