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Monical Hall, Mentor of Arianne
Founder and Director, Feliz Consulting


Arianne Baldesimo

Having lived in Hong Kong for over 23 years, Arianne feels a strong love for this city and is determined to protect it from regressive and anti-diversity rhetoric. She believes the solution for greater racial integration can be achieved most effectively by educating and sensitizing people from a young age.

As a kindergarten teacher of Filipino descent with more than 14 years of experience, Arianne has seen first-hand the power of perseverance and positivity in changing the perceptions of people who might otherwise judge her based on their stereotypes of her ethnicity. Arianne is also a team leader of the ethnic minority concern group Voices of Diversity which, often in collaboration with Hong Kong Unison, campaigns for policy changes such as equal access to public services, expanding ethnic minority students' post-secondary options in education, and more. For the past three years, she has actively engaged with legislators, civil society organizations, and public figures to champion causes relevant to ethnic minorities, especially on issues of racial harmony and education. Arianne is among the first to take initiative to contribute to programs aimed at helping disadvantaged communities; whether it be organising a vigil that raised over $100,000 for the Nepal earthquake with Hands for Nepal, fundraising campaigns for the welfare of Syrian refugees with True Colors of Hong Kong, or dinners and other events for the city’s homeless individuals with Minority Initiative Hong Kong. In her spare time, Arianne loves reading fantasy books, baking delicious desserts, and spending time with her family.

In Arianne’s Words: 

“With everything that is happening with the world, I would like to help Hong Kong be a leading light for positive change in this racially segregated world.”



作為擁有超過十四年經驗的菲裔幼稚園老師,Arianne曾因她的種族而遭受偏見,但亦因此親身體會到積極及正面的力量是如此強大,大至能改變他人觀感。 她亦是少數族裔關注組Voices of Diversity的小隊隊長,與融樂會攜手推動政策上的改變,例子包括平等使用公共設施的權利,以及擴寬少數族裔學生於中學畢業後的教育機會。在過去三年,她積極與立法會議員、公民社會組織及公眾人物交流,提倡與少數族裔相關的議題,當中又以種族共融及教育為主。Arianne是扶助弱勢社群組織的先行者,無論是為尼泊爾地震受害者籌措逾十萬港元的燭光晚宴(與Hands for Nepal協辦),還是為敘利亞難民所辦的籌款活動(與True Colors of Hong Kong協辦),或是為無家者所辦的晚宴及活動(與Minority Initiative Hong Kong協辦),都有其身影。閒時,Arianne喜愛閱讀奇幻小說、烤焗甜品及與家人共聚。