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Laurel Chor, Mentor of Arista
Reporter/ Producer, VICE Media

Arista Devi

Arista arrived in Hong Kong in 2009 as a domestic worker in search of economic opportunities and a better future. Since then, she has worked in over six households, published numerous essays and books about the situation of domestic workers in the city, and helped other Indonesian domestic workers settle into Hong Kong.

Arista Devi is passionate about storytelling and started writing poetry and short stories after she topped the Festival Sastra Migran Indonesia, a literary competition among Indonesian domestic workers in Hong Kong. She has written a book on the story of migrant workers in Hong Kong, called “Empat Musim Bauhinia Ungu”. Her writings have also been included in Afterwork Readings, a major anthology of literary works created by migrant domestic workers and compiled by Para Site in collaboration with Kunci Cultural Studies Center. She has established an online portal on Facebook  providing assistance to domestic workers which has over 6,200 followers. She also volunteers with Open Door, a platform aimed at improving the situation of migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong through educational, and cultural; and Lensational, a social enterprise aimed at empowering marginalised women through photography. Arista has been featured on numerous media outlets such as China Daily, South China Morning Post, HK Coconuts, RTHK, Apple Daily, EJ Insight, and more. Having experienced the struggles faced by her community, she wishes to continue working towards achieving economic, social, and legal justice for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. Arista enjoys going on photo walks, hiking, and spending time in the public libraries on her days off.

In Arista’s Words:

“I write in order to be a voice for those whose voices are not heard. I hope my writing can help my fellow domestic workers be more aware of their rights and what they should do to protect themselves; and I hope it can make other people at least aware of what happens to us and make them care more not because of any obligations, but because we are human too.”


為了尋求經濟機會,追求更美好的將來,Arista在2009年以家庭傭工的身份來港。自此,她先後在六個住戶工作, 就家庭傭工在香港的待遇出版過無數論文及書籍,並協助其他印尼家庭傭工在此安頓。

Arista熱衷於說故事。 於在港印尼家庭傭工舉辦的文學比賽Festival Sastra Migrant Indonesia勝出後,她即開始創作詩歌及短篇故事,並著有Empat Musim Bauhinia Ungu一書,講述移民勞工在香港的經歷。她的著作刊於Afterwork Readings之中,亦即由外籍家庭傭工創作、Para Site藝術空間輯錄、並由Kunci Cultural Studies Centre支持出版的文學選集。她設立面書平台,為家庭傭工提供協助,至今已有逾6,200人追蹤。她同時參與多個義工團體,包括提供教育及文化活動的團體家.傭同行,及以攝影為邊緣婦女充權的社會企業Lensational。Arista曾多次登上媒體,如香港電台、《中國日報》、《南華早報》、《蘋果日報》、EJ Insight及HK Coconuts。面對其社群的掙扎,她的心願是能夠繼續為家庭傭工爭取經濟、社會及法律上的平等,並為此努力不倦。假日時,Arista喜歡參加攝影展覽、行山及到公共圖書館休憩。