17-18 Theme

...ethnic minorities (should) themselves become champions for the plight of our communities. We must move away from the “immigrant mentality” and carve a legitimate space for ourselves in dialogue about Hong Kong.


Our inaugural social justice fellowship program began in the Autumn of 2017, bringing together 15 extraordinary individuals under the cohort theme of racial equality. It is the first platform in Hong Kong to bring local, refugee and migrant ethnic minorities and their allies together under one unified banner. The fellows deepened their understanding of laws and policies about racial discrimination while enhancing their organizational and leadership skills to work towards raising awareness in Hong Kong about diversity and inclusion


Many ethnic minority groups are at a higher risk of being socially excluded and falling under the poverty line; and these trends have only worsened in recent years according to a 2016 study. Xenophobia and negative stereotyping towards refugees, migrants, and local ethnic minorities has worsened in media coverage, negatively affecting public perceptions. However, a recent survey found that 80% of the respondents were keen to learn more about ethnic minorities, indicating that there is a need for further information and members of these communities are the best messengers for providing this.