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Kolbassia Haossou, Mentor of Darius
CEO/ Owner, Black Carrefour


Dzadu Agbeko Kokou

As a former law student in Togo, Darius has been concerned with issues of equality, and justice from an early age. Since arriving to Hong Kong five years ago, Darius has developed a deep connection with Hong Kong as it is his home and the place where his wife, friends, and future family belong. Having faced discrimination in Hong Kong on the basis of his skin colour and ethnicity, he has been actively involved in a number of activities aimed at promoting the values of equality and justice in this city.  

Darius is the Captain of the All Black Football Club; a program that bridges social and cultural differences between refugees, ethnic minorities and locals through the uniting power of sport, as well as a core member of “Global Youth Connect”, a youth group formed by Breakthrough and Christian Action’s Centre for Refugees as a platform for asylum seekers, locals and mainland Chinese students to come together and serve the local community. He was also cast as the lead protagonist of the large scale refugee drama production “Téléma - Awaken the Dream” in August 2014. Darius has also given multiple talks to primary, secondary and university school students about the situation of refugees in Hong Kong and around the world, as well as the importance of equality and multicultural understanding. He hopes to improve the living and working conditions of typically marginalised communities, especially refugees and ethnic minorities. He also enjoys spending time with his loved ones, playing football and discussing politics.

In Darius’ Words:

“Educating people about equality and inclusion is like planting seeds to bear fruits of positive change, generation after generation. I do this to help the next generation of ethnic minorities and other socially disadvantaged people to not be victims of the same thing I've been through.”


Darius 是多加的前法律系學生,從小關心平權及公義。自五年前抵港後,Darius就與香港結緣。香港不僅是他的家園,也是他的妻子、朋友及家庭所在。因著膚色及種族所帶來的歧視,他積極參與各種活動,以推動平權及公義為己任。

Darius是All Black足球隊的隊長,立志以運動聯合難民、少數族裔及華裔居民,跨越社會及文化藩籬。他也是Global Youth Connect的骨幹成員。Global Youth Connect是突破機構基督教勵行會共同設立的青年組織,聚合難民、香港及內地學生去服務社會。Darius亦為2014年八月大型難民戲劇製作 Telema - Awaken the Dream的主角。他曾多次於中小學及大專院校 就難民於香港及全球各地的待遇發言,藉此推廣平等及多元文化的重要性。他希望能夠改善邊緣社群的社經狀況,尤其是難民及少數族裔。閒時,他享受與家人共度時光,踢踢足球,並討論政治。