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Yiombi Thona, Mentor of David
Chair, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network



David came to Hong Kong seven years ago from Yemen as an asylum seeker with his wife and four children, having a high-level civil servant post with computer engineering background. However, he had to leave the country due to the high personal risk he and his family bore in a country devastated by war and political unrest.

Coming from a position of great importance in Yemen before travelling to Hong Kong, where he still does not have the right to work, David has nonetheless worked constantly to improve the living situation of his family and other asylum seekers and refugees. He has been volunteering with Christian Action’s Centre for Refugees for the past five years by organising activities for and providing guidance and translation services on the application procedures to other asylum seekers. David is also committed to ensuring that his children get access to quality education. He has been elected as a member of the PTA Committee at his children’s school for three years in a row. He also volunteers with Free to Run, a NGO that focuses on empowering individuals from conflict areas through physical activity, by organising marathons and other events. Alongside these activities, David is often invited to speak about the situation of refugees in Hong Kong as well as the importance of racial inclusion at numerous schools and universities around the city. He hopes to work towards removing the stigma against refugees in Hong Kong, and providing his children with a better future here. David spends his free time tinkering with computers, and playing football and computer with his children.

In David’s Words:

“I don’t believe in inequality. I want to work towards a world where everyone is treated as equal. If I see someone in a bad situation, then I work to improve it. If everyone contributes to improve the situation of people in trouble, then nothing is impossible.”



來到香港之前,David在也門擔當重責。他至今仍沒有權利工作。儘管如此,他依然努力為自己的家庭及其他尋求庇護者和難民尋求福祉。在過去五年,他為基督教勵行會的難民中心籌辦活動,並為其他尋求庇護者提供指引及翻譯。David亦致力為子女提供最好的教育。他已經連續三年當選家長教師會。同時,他在Free To Run擔任義工,以運動為來自衝突地區的人們充權,包括舉辦馬拉松及其他活動。除此之外,David時時獲邀在中小學及大專院校分享難民在香港的景況,以及種族融合的重要性。他希望能為在港難民洗脫污名,並為子女在此締造一個更美好的將來。閒時,David喜歡修理電腦、踢踢足球及與孩子們玩電子遊戲。