We Need Your Support

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First, thank you!

Our dream is to make our social justice fellowship a recurring program. Your support will go directly towards our work to empower a next generation of social changemakers to promote and realize the full potential of Hong Kong's diversity. We look forward to sharing updates on our progress and that of our extraordinary fellows to make Hong Kong a more inclusive and equal society.

If you are interested in making a donation, kindly choose your preferred donation method by clicking on one of the buttons below. We are happy to announce that as of April 20 2018, Resolve Foundation is a charitable institution of a public character exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Donations that are HK$100.00 or above are eligible to claim tax exemption. 

As a lean organization, all our resources are focused on generating long-term social impact. If you’re inspired by our program, please help promote our work by starting conversations and sharing with your networks. Lastly, we would appreciate connections to organizations and philanthropists that also share the desire to provide acceptance, respect and opportunity to all parts of our community.

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