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Tijana Zedric, Mentor of Elisa
Development Manager, Room to Read


Elisa Chongbang

Elisa is a proud Hong Kong Nepalese woman, whose grandfather came to the city in the 1960s as an officer in the British Army. Hong Kong is her “Karmabhoomi”, meaning a place whose growth she will aid in and contribute to making it a racially harmonious and inclusive city.

Since 2014, Elisa has been working in providing direct services to ethnic minorities as a part of her career. She produced the RTHK CIBS radio program called “Role Model: Someone To Look Up To” which aims at motivating the HK Nepali youth by interviewing 13 empowered HK Nepali people, as well as a short video titled “Namaskar Hong Kong” through the WeDo Global Social Issue Video Competition. Her work has helped to preserve Hong Kong Nepali culture and continuously works at improving the self-identity of numerous Hong Kong Nepali youth. She was awarded the Hong Kong Unison Scholarship, which provided her with further training on social policy and advocacy. She is also a volunteer with PathFinders, advocating maternity rights for foreign domestic helpers. Furthermore, she has been volunteering at an organisation that works on promoting mental health care in Hong Kong for the past three years. She wants to keep working on empowering ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, mental health care for children and adolescents, as well as the rights of foreign domestic workers. In her spare time, she likes to sew, write, read and brainstorm new ideas for her future projects.

In Elisa’s Words:

“Instead of looking and pointing fingers at each other, let’s look in the same direction towards a racially harmonious and inclusive Hong Kong”.


Elisa以香港尼泊爾女性的身份為榮。她的祖父是英國軍官,早於六十年代抵港。香港是她的 “Karmabhoomi”,意即一個她會努力建設、改變,使其達致種族和諧及多元的城市。

Elisa自2014年起就為少數族裔直接提供服務,並以此作為職業。她曾參與香港電台「社區參與廣播服務試驗計劃」,先後訪問了十三位香港尼泊爾人,並製作節目《令人欣羨的榜樣》, 以保存傳統文化及鼓勵同族青年。她亦曾參與愛同行的社會議題短片比賽,並以《Namaskar香港》勝出。她曾獲得融樂會少數族裔獎學金,並用作進修社會政策及倡議技巧。她亦是PathFinders的義工,提倡外籍傭工作為母親的權利。與此同時,她在一個推廣精神健康服務的團體擔任義工,服務時間已達三年。她希望能夠繼續為香港的少數族裔賦權,為兒童及青少年增強精神健康服務,及為外籍傭工爭取權益。閒時,她喜歡縫紉、寫作、閱讀及為未來的計劃構思 。