Stories of #EverydayRacism



It all started when…Racial discrimination exists in Hong Kong more than we might realize. Hong Kong is proud to be an international and multinational city, yet we still see exclusion of many forms in the community everyday. Hong Kong’s racial diversity can be traced back to the history of the Star Ferry, which was started by a Hong Kong Indian, or The University of Hong Kong, which had an Parsi businessman as its first major donor. Ethnic minorities are a part of the fabric of Hong Kong’s unique story. This diversity is precisely what makes our community so vibrant and lively. All Hong Kong residents, no matter their backgrounds, from the friendly neighbor living across the street to the committed colleagues working at the company, devote themselves to build a better city.

What if Hong Kong was truly inclusive, with all identity groups equally represented and valued? Let’s make this a city of opportunity for everyone. Stand together against everyday racism and stop all forms of discrimination for a more inclusive Hong Kong!