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Devi Novianti, Mentor of Fatima
Equal Opportunities Officer at the Equal Opportunities Commission HK


Fatima Qureshi

Born and brought up in Hong Kong, Fatima identifies as a person of Pakistani-Turkish ethnicity. Currently an English Studies student at The University of Hong Kong, Fatima wants to contribute to the integration of asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong by highlighting their stories, rights and needs.

Fatima is currently interning at the Table of Two Cities Project and Drink For Justice, and has helped both causes grow over the last year through a variety of roles. She has also been a volunteer at Refugee Union for the past six months. She participated in a cultural exchange event, “Human Library Experience” on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in March via local NGO We Care. Over 200 attendees and 5 local representatives held conversations to raise awareness, build personal engagement and debunk racial stereotypes through interactive activities. Fatima co-founded her own online magazine, Liberty Magazine, an independent online variety publication for university students with a unique focus on diverse and migrant identities. She is also the Vice President at her university’s WorldMUN project for external outreach with major social activists and reformers in Hong Kong. She is currently leading an independent academic project to develop a holistic picture of the political and geographical origin of the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Nepalis in Hong Kong by curating a multimodal research project of the history of the 1947 partition of India. She wishes to work towards a world where all individuals have access to tertiary education and fair job opportunities. In her spare time, Fatima likes to binge-watch online tv shows, read, and do freelance advocacy writing for online publications and magazines.

In Fatima’s Words:

“Currently, it's far too difficult to stir up conversations about Hong Kong’s migrant community even in academic institutions and universities; and this is something that I wish to change.”



Fatima現時在Table of Two CitiesDrink For Justice實習,並透過各種角色,協助計劃發展。她在過去半年同為難民聯會的實習生。在今年三月的國際消除種族歧視日,她參與了由本地非政府組織融之家舉行的真人圖書館。超過200名參與者及5名本地代表主持對話,通過互動遊戲,提高公眾關注,締造人民參與及破解種族定型。Fatima是獨立雜誌Liberty Magazine創辦人之一,致力為大學生提供另類視點,如多元及移民文化等專題。她也是香港大學模擬聯合國計劃的副主席,負責對外發展,並與知名社運人士聯絡。她現時正進行一項獨立的學術計劃,以多式研究1947年印巴分治的歷史事件,勾勒出一幅有關在港印度人、巴基斯坦人、孟加拉人及尼泊爾人的政治及地理根源的壯麗地圖。她願為一個每人均能接受專上教育,並得到公平工作機會的世界而努力。閒時,她喜歡大量觀看網上劇集、閱讀,並為線上刊物及雜誌自由撰寫倡議文章。