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Tse-Wei Ng, Mentor of Jhic
Advocacy and Engagement, Sustainable Finance Initiative  at RS Group Asia


Gina Dacio

Jhic came to Hong Kong from the Philippines as a migrant domestic worker with the aim to help support her family as she was their sole breadwinner. Fifteen years later, she still believes that Hong Kong is one of the greatest cities in Asia, and that domestic workers are very much a strong part of the engine and heart that keep this city going. A proud member of the LGBTI+ community, Jhic also hopes to make Hong Kong a more accepting city for all individuals regardless of their gender identities or sexual preferences.

Having only one holiday a week hasn’t stopped Jhic from starting Share HK, an online organisation that - often in collaboration with organizations like the Hong Kong Red Cross, Mission for Migrant Workers, and local Filipino initiatives - provides aid to migrant workers in Hong Kong, as well as others who need it in the Philippines. As the Chairperson, Jhic has leveraged the passion of her community to organise fundraisers for natural disasters in the Philippines such as Typhoon Yolanda, refuge centers such as the Bethune House for mistreated foreign domestic workers, as well as for individual Filipino domestic workers within Hong Kong who need financial assistance. She also organises a number of activities such as cleanups of hiking trails, beauty pageants for migrant domestic workers and other community development events. On a personal level, Jhic is constantly finding new ways to help those around her - whether it be collecting money for the treatment of a cancer patient in the Philippines, or volunteering to help people in Hong Kong. She was previously an active members of the Filguys Association Hong Kong, a support group for Filipino migrant workers who identify as lesbians and transgenders.  Jhic is a sports enthusiast and is constantly incorporating physical activities into the programmes conducted by Share HK, from Zumba classes to swimming lessons to volleyball games. In her spare time, she likes to attend Share HK events and play the guitar.

In Jhic’s words:

“I don’t want myself, or my community, to be discriminated against. I believe in equality and am always asking why we don’t have it. I want us all to talk more about this, and I will continue to find solutions for the discrimination that migrant domestic workers face.”



雖然Jhic每週只有一天假期,但她仍能創立Share HK,一個為在香港或菲律賓的外籍傭工提供協助的網上平台。Share HK常與香港紅十字會外勞事工中心及其他菲律賓的在地組織合作。作為主席,Jhic善於將社群的熱情化為行動,並為下列對象籌款:受天災影響的同胞(如遭強烈颱風尤蘭沓蹂躪的人們)、需要避難的受虐外傭(如白恩逢女移民工庇護中心),以及個別需要財政支援的在港菲傭。她籌辦過一系列活動,如清潔行山徑、外籍傭工選美比賽,及其他社區建設活動。在個人層面而言,Jhic為幫助他人堅持不懈,無論是為菲律賓癌症患者籌款,還是義助香港居民,她都不遺餘力。她曾經是Filguys Association Hong Kong的活躍成員。此支援小組的對象是自認為女同性戀者或跨性別人士的菲律賓移工。Jhic熱愛運動,並經常將體育元素融入Share HK的活動之內,包括森巴舞課、游泳課程及排球比賽。閒時,她享受參加Share HK的活動及彈彈結他。