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Ada Yip, Mentor of Lamia
CEO, Urban Spring


Lamia Sreya Rahman

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Lamia is currently an undergraduate student at The University of Hong Kong pursuing a double major in American Studies and Criminology. Having grown up as an ethnic minority here of Bangladeshi roots, Lamia has experienced the diverse yet exclusionary duality of Hong Kong and wishes to work towards greater social integration of these communities.

Lamia is the President of the Equal Opportunities Student Ambassador Club at the University of Hong Kong. Her role focuses on providing equal opportunities to all students in the university  by mobilising the support of external organizations to offer and engage in more voluntary services. Through this, she has organised and assisted in campaigns on different human rights causes. She is also the General Secretary of the Amnesty International Club at her university, which is affiliated with Amnesty International Hong Kong. Lamia is also one of the Hong Kong Unison 2017 - 2018 awardees of the Yu Lin Hu Memorial Scholarship for Ethnic Minorities Students. As an awardee, she is invited to numerous political conferences, workshops and schools to discuss her community’s concerns about ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. A strong proponent of equal opportunities for ethnic minorities as well as women’s rights, Lamia wants to have greater impact in creating a Hong Kong  where these fundamental values are respected and has been featured by outlets such as RTHK and HK01 propagating the same. In her spare time, she likes to read, watch movies, play the guitar, or the harmonium (a classical Indian piano). She also spends her time tutoring ethnic minority students who will be taking their tertiary examinations and wishes to see them get into the colleges of their choice.

In Lamia’s Words:

“I believe Hong Kong will have achieved racial equality the day ethnic minorities no longer face direct and indirect forms of discrimination and we have true equality in society.”



Lamia是香港大學平等機會學生大使學會的主席。她的職責是動員外間機構的支持,創造義工服務空缺,為全校同學提供平等機會。她曾舉辦及協辦各種人權倡議活動。她亦是校內國際特赦組織學會的常務秘書。此學會與香港國際特赦組織有關。Lamia同時獲得融樂會2017-2018年度的「胡雲麟少數族裔獎學金」。作為獎學金得主之一,她獲邀到政治會議、工作坊及學校代表所屬群體就在港少數族裔發言。Lamia慣於為少數族裔及婦女發聲。她希望能創建一個更能尊重上述價值的香港,並為此帶來更大的影響力。她曾登上香港電台香港01。閒時,她喜歡閱讀、看電影、彈吉他或手提管風琴 (一種傳統印度鋼琴)。她亦致力為應屆少數族裔考生補習,望他們能夠得償所願,進入理想的大學。