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Bess Hepworth, Mentor of Lois
Founder and CEO, Planet Ally


Ayooluwa Lois Orekoya

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Social Science and an Associate degree in Social Sciences, Lois calls herself an International Nigerian due to the love she feels for her country of birth and her story of having grown up outside of it her entire life. After living in Singapore, Chengdu (China), and Suriname (South America), Lois finally moved to Hong Kong five years ago and is grateful for all the knowledge and love she continues to find in this city. 

Lois believes strongly in the concepts of racial equality and wishes to work towards a Hong Kong and a world that does not systematically discriminate against individuals on the basis of their skin colour, gender, or where they were born. Lois wishes to further tackle discrimination faced by black women where both racism and sexism, i.e. “misogynoir”, are at play. An active blogger, Lois has written and continues to write about what it is like being a black woman on Medium, an online publishing platform. She is also an active social media advocate where she writes about the inexcusable killings of black men, why people should support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and other such issues. She is currently an Entertainment editor at Liberty Magazine, an online Hong Kong-based magazine which celebrates diversity within the city and beyond. She is also one of the ten students from Hong Kong who are a part of the TEDxWanchai Women’s Youth and Diversity Scholarship Program, which aims to inspire and spark the creativity of a young generation of changemakers. In her spare time, Lois likes to read, work on small creative projects, write, and learn new things.

In Lois’ Words:

“I love Hong Kong but I feel like the diversity here isn't as wholesome as it could be, and I want to be a part of changing that. Diversity should never be an uncomfortable topic and language should not be a barrier for people; instead, it should be a way to bring different people together.”

Lois現時是應用社會科學的準學士,也是社會科學的副學士。她認為自己是國際尼日尼亞人。她熱愛祖國,同時又在他鄉成長。在新加坡、成都 (中國) 及蘇利南 (南美) 居住過後,Lois終於在五年前來到香港,並她為在此發掘到的知識及熱情而感恩。

Lois極度相信種族平等,並希望在香港及全球各地消除不論種族、性別或出生地而衍生的歧視。Lois希望能進一步抗衡對非裔女性的種族及性別歧視,亦即英文所說的 “misogynoir”。作為活躍的blogger,Lois一直以非裔女性的身份在網上平台Medium撰寫文章。她亦是社交媒體倡議者,常就針對非裔群體的射殺事件、Black Lives Matter及其他議題發聲。她現時是提倡多元香港、多元世界的網上雜誌Liberty Magazine的娛樂版編輯。同時,她是Ted x Wan Chai Women’s Youth and Diversity Scholarship Program的十位入選學生之一。此計劃致力啟發年輕創革者的創意。閒時,Lois喜歡閱讀、進行小型創意計劃、寫作及學習。