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Patricia Ho, Mentor of Sabrina
Partner, Daly, Ho & Associates


Wing Ki Leung

Currently a Law and Politics undergraduate student at The University of Hong Kong, Sabrina was born and brought up in the city. She wants to create a Hong Kong where everyone feels like they belong here, just like she does.

She first encountered advocacy and legal education work as an intern at Mother's Choice, a Hong Kong charity serving the city’s many children without families and pregnant teenagers, where she created impact measurement mechanisms for the programs, assisted in the production of the training workshops, and helped formulate the Child Protection Policy for the organization. She also interned with Amnesty International Hong Kong, and designed and conducted Human Rights awareness training sessions in collaboration with her fellow students,to empower persons with intellectual differences. She was selected to be a part of the Common Purpose Global Leadership Experience 2017 cohort where she worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds to understand how to approach complex global problems in a solution oriented manner. She is most passionate about providing equal opportunities to everyone in Hong Kong through human rights education so that they can understand more about themselves, their rights, their community, and the world around them. In her spare time, Sabrina likes to lose herself in books and blog about the insights she gained from reading. She likes discussing human rights (especially gender and child rights issues) in Hong Kong and China, legal and political theory, pursuing self-help and self-development, and personal growth opportunities.

In Sabrina’s Words:

“I believe that everyone, regardless of their background, should have equal opportunity in all aspects in our society. For this to happen, we need to be able to see that we share more similarities than differences, and the differences that exist can be appreciated and respected.”



起初,她是以實習生的身份接觸到倡議及法律教育工作。當時她為照顧無家兒童及懷孕少女的慈善機構母親的抉擇建立影響評估制度、製作訓練工作坊及撰寫其兒童保護政策。及後,她在香港國際特赦組織實習,與同學設計及舉行人權意識訓練課程,為不同智能的人士作充權。她是Common Purpose全球領袖體驗計劃2017的一員,透過計劃與多元人士合作,學會如何以解難為本的思維,處理全球皆要面對的種種問題。她熱心推廣人權教育,為大眾提供平等機會,了解自己,認識權利,由此推而廣之,及至所屬群體和四週環境。閒時,Sabrina喜歡沈醉於文字,並在網上發表書評。她喜歡討論中國及香港的人權狀況(尤其是性別及兒童權利)、法律及政治理論,並追求自我完善及個人發展。