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Sattara (Tao) Hattirat, Mentor of Vincy
LBGT+ Human Rights Defender (South East Asia)


Wan Hei Vincy Chan

(Vincy is a non-binary trans person, and uses the “they/them” pronouns)

Born in Hong Kong, Vincy attended Macalester College - a liberal arts college in the United States - where they engaged in social justice conversations while also experiencing what it means to be a minority, having primarily been educated in majority-Chinese EMI schools in Hong Kong. Leveraging their privilege as an East Asian in Hong Kong, Vincy wishes to continue these conversations about race, marginalised genders and sexualities, and the intersection therein to Hong Kong.

A multidisciplinary artist, Vincy is a keyboardist and singer-songwriter whose debut EP Porcelain Soul (Universal Music Hong Kong) released in 2015. Their most recent project was in collaboration with the West Kowloon Cultural District, with two of their original songs being featured on the Freespace Mixtape released in September 2017. They are also a graphic designer, a content creator, and a former pupil of traditional Ghanaian drumming under the tutelage of master drummer Sowah Mensah. They performed at the inaugural PinkDot Hong Kong, an outdoor concert and carnival for the LGBTI+ community. They also partnered with the local Chinese media GDotTV to make a video with a group about non-binary genders and the 2017 Gender Recognition Ordinance consultation. They have attended forums on transgender rights and shared their experiences at a Human Library session in December 2017 hosted by the student-run HKU Amnesty International Club. They were recently featured on RTHK’s LGBTI+ radio show We Are Family for an interview, and appeared in Amnesty International’s LGBTI Valentine’s Day feature. They were also one of the scholars of TEDxWanchai's Youth and Diversity Scholarship Program in 2016, which aims to inspire and spark the creativity of a young generation of change makers. They like to discuss intersectional feminism, LGBTI+ rights, and independent arts.

In Vincy’s Words:

“I think social justice work and activism come in different forms, and it doesn't always involve being a politician. I often think about the impact I can make not only as a local artist, but also as a member of the dominant ethnicity in the city.”


Vincy 的身份認同 為非二元跨性別人士,並 選擇 使用「他」作為代詞。

生於香港,Vincy在美國博雅教育學院Macalester College就讀時展開對社會正義的討論,並體會到作為小眾的感想。這尤其是他主要在英文中學接受教育,且大部分老師、同學均為華人。Vincy希望能夠善用自己作為東亞人的身份,在香港與他人進行更多有關種族、性/別小眾等的對話。

作為跨媒體藝術家,Vincy是一位鍵盤手及創作歌手。他的出道EP Porcelain Soul (香港環球音樂) 於2015年出版。他最近與西九文化區合作,其中兩首原創歌曲收錄在2017年9月推出的Freespace Mixtape之內。他亦是一位平面設計師、內容創建者及傳統迦納鼓樂家Sowah Mensah的前學生。他曾在為LGBTI+群體而設的戶外演唱會及嘉年華「一點粉紅」演出。他亦曾與本地中文媒體G點電視合作,製作有關非二元跨性別人士的短片及就《性別承認條例》進行諮詢。他常出席與跨性別人士相關的講座,亦曾在香港大學國際特赦組織學會於2017年12月所舉辦的真人圖書館裏進行分享。與此同時,他是TedxWanchai 於2016年舉辦的Youth and Diversity Scholarship Program 的成員之一。此計劃致力啟發年輕創革者的創意。他最近接受香港電台LGBTI+節目《自己人》訪問,以及接受國際特赦組織LGBTI+情人節專訪。他喜歡討論多元交織女性主義、LGBTI+權利、及獨立藝術。